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To view a list of the couple’s registered items, click on their name. The list of couples below is alphabetized by brides last name. If you are looking for a couple that is not listed above please email us or call the store at 225.924.0994.

Couple's Names Date of Wedding
 Auldyn Jumonville & William WhittingtonOctober 26th, 2024
 Storey Carver & Will RotertMay 11th, 2024
 Kalyn Graphia & Chris MayApril 27th, 2024
 Colleen Laflin & Cannon HanksJanuary 27th, 2024
 Ann Marie Barfield & Eric DworkinDecember 16th, 2023
 Taylor LeBlanc & Thomas MassmanDecember 9th, 2023
 Katie Bourgeois & Martin KellyOctober 28th, 2023
 Maddy Perino & Denis MurrellOctober 13th, 2023
 Elizabeth Howe & Weldon RotenbergJune 17th, 2023
 Lizzie Kenelly & Ryan FergusonApril 29th, 2023
 Camille Cardenas & Patrick StoneApril 14th, 2023
 Emily Howe & Nick ShniderApril 1st, 2023
 Mccall D’armond & Joseph SchwartzenbergMarch 30th, 2023
 Blakeley Bark & Caleb FearingMarch 18th, 2023
 Morgan Bankston & Austin BroussardMarch 4th, 2023
 Lori Barnett & Dreux DicharryJune 25th, 2022
 Riley Donohue & Hartson HarmonApril 23rd, 2022
 Catherine Strauss & Taylor GriffithDecember 31st, 2021
 Rebecca Louviere & Thomas ChauvinSeptember 24th, 2021
 Natalie Roussel & Denton GrahamJune 25th, 2021
 Lauren May & Arthur EwingMay 1st, 2021
 Morgan Booker & William ShirleyDecember 12th, 2020
 Kate Whittington & Laiton McCaugheyOctober 17th, 2020
 Jeanne Adelle Daniel & Jacob Simon SalmMay 15th, 2020
 McCraney Brown & Nick RussellDecember 28th, 2019
 Merritt Guercio & Jim VoitierNovember 22nd, 2019
 Caroline Broderick & Jeff BomerNovember 16th, 2019
 Kakie Molesini & Mitchell KnapsOctober 29th, 2019
 Carly Wilton & Brian ParentonSeptember 27th, 2019
 Caroline Hudson & Dennis WeppnerJune 29th, 2019
 Susanna Murrell & Lucien CharlandJune 15th, 2019
 Eleanor Stone & Harrison HowellMay 11th, 2019
 Katelynn Greenlee & Thomas RodyApril 6th, 2019
 Paige Feigley & Edwin SmytheMarch 30th, 2019
 Hanley Poche & Carson BourgeoisFebruary 15th, 2019
 Kate Landry & Ryan VariscoDecember 31st, 2018
 Kelly Mondello & Scott LandryDecember 15th, 2018
 Hays Boyle & Blayne CasselsDecember 1st, 2018
 Maggie LeBlanc & Charles GladneyNovember 10th, 2018
 Elise Creed & Danny LengerOctober 27th, 2018
 Ashton Lane & Jonathan DuhonOctober 6th, 2018
 Katie Calongne & Beau GaronSeptember 22nd, 2018
 Julie Lucas & Luke MachenSeptember 15th, 2018
 Stefanie Bologna & Josh HarmeyerJuly 14th, 2018
 Victoria Vosburg & Matthew CopeskeyJune 2nd, 2018
 Hannah Midyett & Brian LeJeuneApril 21st, 2018
 Alex Marquette and Hunter WhitfieldApril 14th, 2018
 Elizabeth Howard & Patrick KlineFebruary 24th, 2018
 Elizabeth Feigley & Joseph RochelleDecember 30th, 2017
 Molly Furrate & Bill KirtlandOctober 28th, 2017

NOTE: Please allow 7-10 days for a couple to be listed on our registered couples list.

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When you come into the store to register your items, we will collect the registration information and create a page for you on our website for your guests’ convenience. If you would like to submit your information before you come into the store, you may do so below. If you sign up online, you still must come into the store to select your items.

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