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This is a list of registered items for the couple below. To order any of the available items, please call us at 225.924.0994 or visit our store. We can ship the items to you or to the couple. The availability of the items is not guaranteed and will be confirmed when you order. If you any questions, please email us or call the store at 225.924.0994.

Elizabeth Feigley & Joseph Rochelle

December 30th, 2017


Item Price Quantity Received
Bath Linens:
Matouk- Waffle White $99.00/ea. 1
Poli-dry Dish Cloth- White $16.00/ea. 6
 Table Linens:
Deborah Rhodes
    Round Crochet Abaca $32.00/ea. 12 4
    Fringe Napkins- Aqua $21.00/ea. 12
    Napkin Linen- Natural $29.00/ea. 12 4
    Bamboo Oat Rectangle $16.00/ea. 12
Sferra Bros
     Linen Dinner White $24.00/ea. 14 12
 Halo Home- Sq Cocktail $22.00/ea. 12 8
    Cocktail Center Monogram
Vietri- Lastra White European Dinner $38.00/ea. 12 3
Vietri- Lastra White Salad $36.00/ea. 12 4
Vietri- Lastra White Stackable Bowl $36.00/ea. 12
Vietri- Lastra White Pasta $36.00/ea. 12
Vietri- Lastra White Mugs $39.00/ea. 8
Alison Evans- Pasta- Abalone 12
Serving Pieces:
Vietri- Small Oval Grey Platter $56.00/ea. 1
Vietri- Lastra Large Grey Platter $138.00/ea. 1
Vietri- Lastra Sugar and Creamer $87.00/ea. 1
Vietri- Olive Oil Can- Grey $54.00/ea. 1
Montes Gogget Small Baker #126 $89.00/ea. 2 1
 Glassware: Simon Pearce
Hanover Wine Coaster $50.00/ea. 2 2
Love Your Brain Bowl $70.00/ea. 3 1
Love Your Brain Tealights $50.00/ea. 3 3
BARRE Large Pitcher $150.00/ea. 1 1
Madison Carafe $165.00/ea. 1
Chelsea Low Bowl Med. $165.00/ea. 1
Decorative Accessories:
 Annie Glass- Gold Slab Butter 4×8 $67.00/ea. 2 1
 Annie Glass – G214- Roman Antique (Appetizer Tray) $92.00/ea. 1
 Annie Glass- G175- Cracker Tray $80.00/ea. 1 1
 Annie Glass- HA203P Slab Tray Gold $103.00/ea. 1
 Annie Glass Edgy- Cheese Slab Lg $221.00/ea. 1
 Medium Trumpet Vase $110.00/ea. 1
 The Art of Entertaining Book $45.00/ea. 1 1
 Angels in Our Mist Book $70.00/ea. 1 1
 Lands Under Throw Hydrangea $105.00/ea. 1


NOTE: Please allow 7-10 days for a couple to be listed on our registered couples list.

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