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This is a list of registered items for the couple below. To order any of the available items, please call us at 225.924.0994 or visit our store. We can ship the items to you or to the couple. The availability of the items is not guaranteed and will be confirmed when you order. If you any questions, please email us or call the store at 225.924.0994.

Kelly Mondello & Scott Landry

December 15th, 2018

Item Price Quantity Received
Bed Linens:
Yves Delorme Athena White King Flat $315.00/ea 1
Yves Delorme Athena White King Fitted $290.00/ea. 1
Yves Delorme Athena White King Pillow Cases $100/ea. 4
Yves Delorme Athena White King Duvet Cover $600/ea 1
SDH Isabella Stone Standard Case $178/ea 2
SDH Camden Stucco King Coverlet $860/ea. 1
SDH Camden Firm Dec Pillows 30X37 $430/ea 2
China:  Simon Pearce
Cavendish Dove Dinner Plate $45/ea 12
 Cavendish Dove Cereal Bowl $30/ea 12
Cavendish Dove Salad Plate $30/ea 12
Cavendish Dove Appetizer Plate $25/ea 12
Glassware: Simon Pearce
Ascutney Pitcher, Medium $150/ea 1
Ascutney Tumbler $70/ea 12
Ascutney Double Old Fashioned (Set of two) $130.ea 6
Ascutney Whiskey Gift Set $330/ea 1
Ascutney Wine Decanter $165/ea 1
Alpine Whiskey Glass Set $265/ea 1
Cavendish Champagne Flute $75/ea 12
Serving Pieces: Simon Pearce
Belmont Dove Pottery Pitcher, Large $125/ea 1
Belmont Dove Platter 15″ $155/ea 1
Barre Slate Serving Platter Medium $90/ea 1
Barre Slate Platter $155/ea 1
Crystalline Candent White Platter $350.00 1
Crystalline Jade Bowl, Large $375/ea 1
Barre Slate Dip bowl $30/ea 1
Barre Alabaster Dip Bowl $30/ea 1
Woodbury Serving Board Medium $65/ea 1
Thetford Bowl, Large $175/ea 1
Table: Simon Pearce
Twist Napkin Rings $25/ea 12
Decorative Accessories:
Vermont Evergreen Tree 26.5″, 20″ $500, $320/ea 1         1
Vermont Evergreen Tree 14″, 10″ $215,  $175/ea 1         1
Nantucket Hurricane Extra Large $295/ea 1
Nantucket Hurricane Large $195/ea 1
Nantucket Hurricane Medium $145/ea 1
Curio Candent Crystalline Vase, Large $350/ea 1
Curio Jade Crystalline Vase, Large $$350/ea 1
Crystalline Jade Teardrop Vase, Medium $275/ea 1
Fairlee Tall Lamp $300/ea 1
Bristol Canister Large $165/ea 1
Woodbury Horizontal Photo Block 4×6 $150 1
Woodbury Horizontal Photo Block 5×7 $195/ea 1
Woodbury Vertical Photo Block 4×6 $150/ea 1
Woodbury Vertical Photo Block 5×7 $195/ea 1
Andrew Pearce Black Walnut Wood Live Edge Bowl $795/ea 1
Andrew Pearce Black Walnut Wood Round Tray 16″ 150/ea 1
Andrew Pearce Black Walnut Wood Live Board, Large $100/ea 1


NOTE: Please allow 7-10 days for a couple to be listed on our registered couples list.

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