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This is a list of registered items for the couple below. To order any of the available items, please call us at 225.924.0994 or visit our store. We can ship the items to you or to the couple. The availability of the items is not guaranteed and will be confirmed when you order. If you any questions, please email us or call the store at 225.924.0994.

Payton Fell & Joe DiFalco

May 22nd, 2010

China: Vietri “Crema”      
Dinner Plates “Crema”  $36.00/ea. 12   7
Salad Plates “Crema”  $30.00/ea. 12  6
Pasta Bowls  “Crema”  $35.00/ea.  12  2
Cereal Bowls “Crema”  $35.00/ea. 12   
 Vietri Footed Basilico Green $33.00/ea.  1
 Vietri Footed Rosso Vecchio $33.00/ea. 4  
 Vietri Footed Marino Blue $33.00/ea. 4  
Vietri Serving Pieces      
 Rosso Vecchio Large Oval Platter $133.00/ea. 1  
 Rosso Vecchio Small Oval Platter $72.00/ea. 1  1
 Basilicio Green Square Platter $83.00/ea. 1  1
 Marino Blue Square Platter $83.00/ea.  1  
 Basilico Green Medium Bowl $104.00/ea. 2  1
 Rosso Vecchio Salt & Pepper Set $47.00/ea. 1  1
 Crema Sauce Server $65.00/ea. 2  
Rosso Vecchio Medium Tavern Pitcher $108.00/ea. 1  1
Rosso Vecchio Dipping Bowls $16.00/ea. 2 Sets  
Glassware: Juliska “Graham”      
Large Goblet $82.00/ea. 13  8
Highball $59.00/ea. 13  3
Double Old Fashion $49.00/ea. 13  7
Whiskey Decanter $195.00/ea. 1  1

NOTE: Please allow 7-10 days for a couple to be listed on our registered couples list.

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